Leasing without the bank! Car leasingpossible!


Extensive experience and one year warranty on all vehicles

Leasing with debt, after bankruptcy and for retirees!

In just a few days you could be on the road again driving your new car.

Just a few steps to your new car!


Please contact us via our online form, by e-mail or telephone and you will receive immediately the leasing application form.

All your leasing application details are strictly confidential and will be step one to your leasing without a bank.

After your initial request you will receive the leasing application form either as an online PDF document or by post. You must complete the application accurately and answer all questions honestly. We review every application within 48 hours. You will then be informed if your Leasing application has been accepted or if we require any additional information or documents. The application is totally free of charge.

Once your leasing application has been approved you will have the option to reserve your chosen vehicle. Our Leasing experts will contact you to go through any further questions and the details of the offered services. We reserve the rights to the vehicle prior to sale ensuring the garage can not sell it in the meantime.

After the approval of your application and the vehicle reservation you will receive the order confirmation from the lessor. The formal confirmation will comprise of; vehicle details, sales price, the leasing period, the monthly leasing rate and the VAT (delivery rate, possible deposits or sales commissions etc.)

For the duration of the lease you sign a contract for all parties such as lessor and lessee. The subject terms of the contract guarantees all rights and obligations for the leasing company and their customers. The contract can be withdrawn at any time complying with a 3 month cancellation period at the end of a calendar month. You can terminate the contract without paying extra interest.


Oneleasing provides support during the whole process. If you have any further questions please Contact us.


What is the interest rate?

According to your risk classification interest rates above 10 % are possible. You can calculate with similar interest rates as with a consumer loan. BUT: Our big advantage is that if you terminate the contract, You DO NOT have to pay any interest back. We may also offer interest-free leasing and hire purchase. Contact us if you have any questions.

When could I drive my car?

We can verify a completed application within 48 hours. After the review of your application and documents the comprehensive administrative process takes at least 10 days until the leasing contract is created. By the time you get your vehicle, it will take ideally two to three weeks.

We will coordinate directly with the car dealer regarding reservation and delivery.

I've already chosen a suitable car, what now?

Usually we can arrange the purchase of any vehicle for our customers. Through our network of dealers we have a wide range of cars and access to databases with hundreds of vehicles. If your credit rating is good there are no restrictions in selecting a car. Let us check your credit rating by sending us your leasing application. You will receive a fair and quick answer.

Leasing without deposit

Oneleasing.ch offers you the possibility to lease a car without interest or a down payment (or down payment in installments) In this way you can be sure to have found the cheapest deal.

Leasing without a bank

We can arrange a leasing without a bank. Nowadays banks are clearly avoiding risks and have an incredible customer base. They are in the position to select the clients with the best financial standing. We are different! We find a solution for everyone! Find out the details now.

600+ vehicles available!

Thanks to our network you have over 600 vehicles to choose from! Whether it’s a top-seller or a new car we can arrange your desired vehicle!

Have you already found your vehicle?

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