Here the most frequently asked questions:

Leasing with debts and loss –  What is the catch?

There is none. We will finance your vehicle if your budget permits a monthly rate.


Positive and negative applications.

If an individual with a child and an income of CHF 3’000.- and fixed costs for rent / health insurance are CHF 1’600.- apply for a leasing with a monthly rate of CHF 1’000, we will have to reject.

So in general, if the budget fits we do not reject it!


I’ve already found a car. Can you finance it for me?

Since we arrange the financing of the vehicle ourselves and we do not have a contract with every garage in Switzerland we can not guarantee that you will get exactly your desired vehicle.

This comes to the garage owner and his interest in cooperating with us. We have more than 50 partner garages all over Switzerland as well as a large own vehicle park. We have always found a suitable car for our customers so far!


Can I choose any vehicle?

If you pay a deposit of 10% of the vehicle price, you can choose your own vehicle. We will search for it and offer you the funding. If you can not afford a deposit, you have the possibility to choose from a vehicle park with more than 250 vehicles. These cars are for sale without deposit and with lower monthly leasing rates (no interest rate).


Which is the interest rate used for you?

The interest rate for our vehicles is in line of a small loan (by 10%). We can also rent some vehicles without interest!


How long does it take until I can drive my car?

The average duration is about three to four weeks from the complete Application in our inbox until the vehicle delivery.