Lease without a bank – also with debts enforcement’s and loss certificates

If your leasing application has been rejected by a commercial bank things can quickly slip into a hopeless situation. It is possible that with even only; an unjustified operation, a blocked credit card, a negative entry at the ZEK, an open cash advance or a refused leasing application etc you can be declined. But If you still have a regular income and a little budget to buy a car in installments then contact us, we will help you out.


Does your household budget allow you to afford small contributions each month, so you can lease a car? Contact us and we will talk about your possibilities.

Just fill in the contact form online and we will send you the application form and further details to proceed. You then return it with the corresponding documents. Once we have received all the documents you will get a confirmation within 48h! There wont be any costs and fees until the vehicle delivery or any application fees.


Do you currently have any outstanding convictions?

With us leasing is also possible with loss certificates or after bankruptcy. We still want to work with you. We will still be able to finance your vehicle as long as your budget allows you to afford a monthly lease rate. We are very aware that many people are depending on a car for work purposes. With us you may also have the option to lease cars without deposit and interest, similar to a long-term rent. If you need to be mobile again, contact us.

Your leasing application will be handled with absolute discretion. We do not give any data to third parties without your consent!